Family with pond fountain


Fountain Pumps

A range of fountain pumps for fountains, features, spitters or ponds, small or large, indoor or out. Economical and low maintenance, these pumps will reliably run your water fountain. Available as standard fountain pumps and Premium Auto Shut-Off. Click through to see which size pump fits your fountain.
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Inpond 5 in 1

Do you have a green and dirty pond, or want to keep a new pond beautiful and clean? The Inpond 5-in-1 offers a five stage, complete solution to green water algae, dirt and lifeless dull ponds. Available in 2 sizes, both Inponds include features that will not only clean your pond, but make it bright, attractive and healthy for fish and wildlife.
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Raised Window Pond

Create your own pond in under an hour, no digging, no hassle. The Pennington Aquagarden Raised Window Ponds are designed so that you can easily add a pond to any garden.
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Splash and Sludge Stopper

Splash and Sludge Stopper will keep your water feature looking beautiful all year round. Reduce water tops up and boring cleaning by adding Splash and Sludge Stopper to your water feature monthly.
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