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How to Articles

Install the Pump

The pump should be located on a firm and level base in the pond/water feature in a depth of at least 4”, but no more than 7’2”.

It is advisable to keep the pump off the bottom of the pond to avoid silt entering the pump causing excessive wear and increasing pre-filter cleaning.

Store in winter

The pump can be run in the pond or feature during the winter but care should be taken to ensure that it is fully immersed and cannot freeze solid. If the pump is not used during the winter, follow annual maintenance procedure and store frost-free in the house or garage until spring.


Top FAQs

Why has my pump stopped working?

Check the impeller – if there are strands of pondweed in the pump, this may stop the impeller from turning correctly. Check the electricity supply i.e. the fuse, or connect to an alternative power supply. If the unit still fails to operate and it is within the guarantee period, you should return it to your retailer who will be able to assist you further.

Do I need to turn my pond pump off during the winter?

No, pump and filtration systems work best if they are kept running throughout the year. This will maintain the life support system the pond needs during the seasons. In winter it is best to lift the pump off the bottom and onto the marginal shelf as this allows the lower layer of water in the pond to remain still for the fish. Waterfalls should be bypassed in winter to avoid excessive chilling of the pond water.

I cannot remove the impeller from my pump what should I do?

If you are struggling to remove the impeller, it may be covered in Limescale and we would recommend that you soak the complete pump unit in Limescale Remover.

Soak in freshwater once limescale is removed before putting back into your pond or water feature.

Is my impeller covered in my warranty?

We are sorry to inform you that the impeller is a moving part and is, therefore, a ‘consumable’ item.  Every pond environment is unique and there may be sand, grit or debris in the pond which gets sucked into the pump and can affect the life and workings of the impeller.  This cannot be covered under guarantee.