Top FAQs

How long do Awesome Pond Pods take to work?

Due to the gentle and natural way Awesome Pond Pods work within the pond ecosystem, results will be most effective when used over a consistent period of time and are not an ‘overnight’ solution. For long-term effectiveness, usage should begin when water temperatures reach 50°F – and continued monthly until daily temperatures drop below 50°F. This dosing schedule will maintain a clean and healthy pond and reduce filter maintenance throughout the pond season..

Can I put the pods directly into my filter?

Awesome Pond Pods work very effectively in the filter provided there is room for the pod to move about and dissolve and it would not impact on any of the filter’s functions. However, Awesome Pond Pods have been designed to work in the filter AND directly in the pond. We recommend adding them to a high flow area of the pond such as the base of a waterfall or the outlet/water return of the filter.

Is it safe for pets and wildlife to drink from my pond if I use the Pods?

Yes, Clean Pond Pods are completely pet and wildlife safe.