Inpond 5 in 1 200

For Small Ponds
Fountain or Feature

This complete in-pond solution for a clear and beautiful pond, includes a pump, filter, LED spotlight and three attractive fountain feature heads

The Inpond 5 in 1 200 is the ‘life support system’ for ponds. It includes: a pump to move the water through the filter and to the fountain, a filter to trap dirt, a green water clarifier and a LED spotlight to enhance the display in the evening. Instant solution for a clear & beautiful pond
Inpond 5 in 1 has everything you need for a clear and healthy pond, combined in an efficient pump and filtration package. This complete in-pond solution includes a pump, filter, LED spotlight manufactured to stay on and three attractive fountain feature heads. The filter contains effective mechanical and biological filtration to keep your water clean and healthy. The 5 W UV clarifier guarantees algae free clear water. The fountain head options bring beauty to your pond.
  • Everything needed for a clear and healthy pond: combined efficient pump and filtration package
  • 3 beautiful fountain heads
  • Mechanical & biological filter
  • Includes Low energy, LED spotlight to enhance and extend the enjoyment of your pond
  • Simple to maintain, easy clean filter; rinse the foams and replace the polymer wool pad
  • Integrated UV green water clarifier guarantees clear water
  • Includes Awesome Pond Pods – a quick and easy 5-in-1 water treatment to tackle the most common pond problems.
Tech Specs
Sku 1057857
Actual Product Dimensions Inches HxWxD 7'3" x 11" x 13.7"
Flow Rate 192 gal/hr
Max Pumping Height 4'1"
Cable Length Mains 16’ cable
Hz 60Hz
Wattage Pump 12.5w, UVC 5w
Voltage 120V
Warranty 2 Years
Warnings WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene and Vinyl Chloride, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Mercury and Mercury Compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects. For more information go to
  • Water Filter
  • Pump
  • LED Spotlight manufactured to stay on
  • Green Water UV Clarifier
  • Super Daisy Fountain Head
  • Single Daisy Fountain Head
  • Water bell Fountain Head
  • Fountain Extension Pipes x 8
  • Ball Joint
  • 1/2" Fountain/ Feature Flow Control
  • Replacement Polymer Wool Filter Pad
  • 3 x Awesome Pond Pods
  • Instructions
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