Awesome Pond Pod 75 Pack

Quick and easy, 5-in-1 water treatment to tackle the most common pond problems.

Effective against silt and pond sludge reducing filter cleaning, makes tap water safe , is a bio start for healthy water and stabilizes pH for healthy fish. Also available in packs of: 6, 12 and 24
Awesome Pond Pods are an easy-to-use solution for some of the most common pond problems. This unique formulation answers the age-old problems that pond-keepers face, in just one product. Issues such as: filter cleaning, pond sludge, using tap water and stabilizing pH. The soluble pouches harmlessly dissolve, releasing the gentle active ingredients, getting straight to work to clean and clear your pond. Use Awesome Pond Pods in conjunction with Awesome Pond Clean Hands System for exceptional results. However, Awesome Pond Pods are also suitable for direct to pond use and with other filter systems. Due to the gentle and natural way Awesome Pond Pods work within the pond ecosystem, results will be most effective when used over a consistent period of time and are not an overnight solution. For long-term effectiveness, usage should begin when temperatures reach 50°F (10°C) and continued monthly until daily temperatures drop below 50°F (10°C). This dosing schedule will maintain a clean and healthy pond and reduce filter cleaning throughout the pond season.
  • All in one treatment
  • Reduces filter cleaning
  • Pet and wildlife safe
  • Stabilizes pH for healthy fish
  • Eats Pond Sludge
  • Bio Start for Healthy Water
  • Makes tap water safe
  • Perfectly paired with Awesome Pond UV Filter
  • Can be used in other filters and directly into the pond
  • Suitable for use in all ponds: planted ponds, wildlife ponds, Koi and other fish ponds
  • Harmless to filters, plants and wildlife
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Sku 8942
75 Awesome Pond Pods
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